Folk culture and agriculture

Mazovia has 2,4 m ha of farm land, as much as Norway, Belgium and Luxemburg put together. Grojec is one of the most picturesque agricultural areas and one of the biggest orchard fields in Europe. In the spring, the orchards are covered with flowers that turn into fruit in  the summer. Mazovia has many heritage villages, natural museums of folk culture, which are very popular among film crews. 

Near Ostroleka, in Kadzidlo village, there is a heritage village – Zagroda Kurpiowska, arranged in a manner typical for Kurpia culture, which this beautiful region is famous for. Near Radom, it is worth to check the features of the Museum of Radom Countryside, with exhibition of many country buildings that represent folk tradition of the region. Museum of Mazovia Countryside in Sierpc is a very popular shooting location, used e.g.  by Andrzej Wajda in "Sir Thaddeus" and Jerzy Hoffman in "With fire and sword". On a vast area you can find entire farm- houses, cottages and a typical little manor house of the noble.

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