Goldstandów Palace in Zaborow

Location: Zaborów
Goldstandów Palace in Zaborow

The Palace in Zaborow was bilt in 1901-1903 for the Goldstand Family according to Franciszek Lilpop design. The Palace is a mix of baroque and classic style and at the same time it corresponds to country mansions built in Poland in mid-18th century. It is a beautiful rectangular building with a mansard roof. The south side of the palace used to be attached to an orangery and the north was reserved for the kitchen pavillon. 

The Palace played a role of Koborow, home of the Poniemirski family in a classic Polish short-series "Career of Nikodem Dyzma" ["Kariera Nikodema Dyzmy"] and the Chairman’s wife palace in "The doll" ["Lalka"] short-series, episode: "Countryside entertainment".  

05-083 Zaborów
ul. Kościelna
Distance from Warsaw
25 km
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