Koszykowa Library

Location: Warsaw
Koszykowa Library

The library is commonly known as "Biblioteka na Koszykowej" and is one of the biggest and oldest public libraries in Poland. It was opened in 1907 at the social initiative as a modern scientific book venue for everybody. In 1914 it was awarded with its own building funded by Eugenia Kierbedziowa and soon became the center of Warsaw’s cultural life. In 1928 it was taken over by City’s Council as Public Library of the city of Warsaw. In 1928-1939 it organized perfect library network, created modern information service and central institute for methodology and training for urban libraries. It ran a library school and published monthly magazine "Bibliotekarz" (which is still being published). Normal business of the Library were stoppped by WWII. As a result the library lost 80 procents of its collection.
Currently, the Library is a Main Regional Library and Poviat Library for Warsaw. It is a great place to study or learn more about your hobby. The offer of the place is rich: one of the biggest collection in the country (around 1.5M. volumes), interesting exhibitions, meetings and special book offers. The Library also plays academic function: publishes books, organizes sessions and conferences, cooperates with intitutions and organizations for the benefit of culture and science, takes part in national and international programs and projects.

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