Powazki Cemetery, Warsaw

Location: Warsaw
Powazki Cemetery, Warsaw

Powazki Cemetery in Warsaw (Stare Powazki) – historic necropolis in Warsaw.
Situated in Wola, Warsaw, between Okopoa, Powazkowska, Tatarska and Jana Ostroroga Streets. It is adjacent to few other cemeteries. It is maintained by Warsaw Metropoly Diocese, represented by the management of the cemetery. The role of the social administrator is playes by Social Commitee for Protection of Monuments of Stare Powazki. Area of the Cemetery – treasury of sculpure and small architecture, protected by conservator, under Warsaw History Conservator office.
The Cemetary is on the odd side of Powazkowska Street (number 1, which is not shown on the wall), and the administration in on the other side – 14 Powazkowska Street.

NULL Warsaw
Powązkowska 14
Warsaw Archdiocese
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