Sport and Tourism Museum in Warsaw

Location: Warsaw
Sport and Tourism Museum in Warsaw

Museum of Sport and Tourism opened in 1952. One od the oldest museums of this sort in Europe. Its collection composes of 45 thousand sport items, also stamps and coins, 56 thousand photographys, 16 thousand books and over 2 thousand documents and records. Museum collection is completed with film and sound documentation. Building of olimpis Center is a 7- storys building (one underground). Building is soaked with olimpic spirit, formally expressed in shapes and functions. Shape of the building is efficient. It is built on an elipse and its lift resembles olimpic flame, while its roof was inspired by stadium architecture. The front is ornamented with olimpic circles. The ground floor has a black ceiling, grey concrete walls and grey dolomite floors.

01-531 Warsaw
ul. Wybrzeże Gdyńskie 4
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