Train Station in Grodzisk Mazowiecki

Location: Grodzisk Mazowiecki
Train Station in Grodzisk Mazowiecki

Grodzisk Mazowiecki – Train station in Grodzisk, Mazovia Region, Poland Class B – according to National Railway classification One of the first stations of Waraw – Vienna Railway – train line connecting Warsaw with the border of Austrian partition (Galicia). First railway track on the teritory of the then Polish Kingdom. Fisrt part was built in 1845. The current building of the station was built in 1922-1924, according to Romuald Miller design, to replace one destroyed during WWI. The church has been listed on the historic monuments register since 1927. In 1990’s the building was cmpletely renovated. At the time a plaque was placed there to commemorate the first arrival of the Warsaw – Vienna train to Grodzisk station – 14th June 1845.

05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki
ul. 1 maja 4
Distance from Warsaw
31,5 km
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