West Mazovia Museum in Zyrardow

Location: Zyrardow
West Mazovia Museum in Zyrardow

Museum opened in 1961 as Museum of the Labor Movements of Zyradow, located in representative villa of Karol Dittrich Jr.  The building was erected in 1886-1896 and is an example of urban representative architecture in so called French costume. West Mazovia Museum in Zyrardow divides its collection in four categories: arts, ethnography, history and iconographics.  Surroundings of the Museum is a Karol Dittrich Landscape Park, cut in half by Pisia Gagolina River. In the park yu can find historic trees, including: London plane, black alder, English oak, Russian Elm, and also some left-overs of the garden architecture.

96-300 Zyrardow
Karola Dittricha 1
Distance from Warsaw
44 km
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