Boglewice Palace

Location: Boglewice
Boglewice Palace

A private residence as a location for film sets – recreated with respect for history, combined with timeless trends in architecture. Nearby is a helipad.

Over 100 years old, 6 hectares Park with old trees surrounding the Palace opens up a beautiful space for outdoor composition. Everything is complemented by the lush green of the lawns, the historic fountain and the rhododendron. An integral part of the garden are two picturesque ponds with wild birds.

The Boglewice Palace is the quintessence of classical nineteenth-century architecture and extraordinary energy. We combine beautiful and spacious interiors with an original sense of aesthetics, giving a space that can be modified scenographically, creating a place with historical as well as contemporary characteristics.

The 1200 m2 of spacious interiors consist of: a representative hall, a dining room with a ceramic fireplace, a kitchen with a copper hood, a library with a terrace, a banquet hall, bedrooms, bathrooms and a bathing room, as well as a loft-style basement.

During the implementation, we provide exclusivity, discretion and freedom of work. We can also provide you with the highest quality culinary service. The chefs who work with us cook honestly, only from seasonal, local products.

05-604 Boglewice
Boglewice 6
Boglewice Palace
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