Centrum metro station

Location: Warsaw
Centrum metro station

Metro Centrum – station of the first metro line in Warsaw, located close to Dmowski Roundabout, close to Defilad Square.
Centre. Two-floor station – platforms and gallery. Two platforms, each 7m wide, on the sides of the station and the tracks are inside. The gallery is located over two platforms. In the middle of the station there is a connection between side galleries. Entire consruction is supported by raw of high pillars between tracks. Aprat from regular stairs, you can find lifts and escalators at each of four entrances.
station is yellow and blue. In the gallery, you can find many shops, toilets, ATM, main station of Warsaw Metro Police Station and Polish Post Office. The station also functions as underground passage. The square outside the south entrance/ exit to Centrum Station (so called Patelnia) is closed by a concrete wall that corrects the difference of levels. This wall is opened to young artists who present their works, often graffiti.
There are 2 defiblirators on the station.

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Metro Centrum
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